Before & Afters

 We wanted to share the story of some wonderful clients that have reached fantastic personal goals over the past 3 years whilst training with us at Epic.

Between all there has been a total weight loss of 95 kilos!

The people we meet and the experiences we have with our clients amaze & inspire us everyday - which makes our job so rewarding.

Just take a look at these amazing achievements!

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"Epic health & fitness training is addictive I love that no class is ever the same and suits all levels of fitness. Lauren is highly motivating fun and energetic which keeps you coming back as it is not only good for you but you are having fun at the same time!
I highly recommend giving the classes a go you won't regret it" - Nicole

"Epic Health and Fitness comes highly recommended. Classes are held at convenient times, in great locations. Lauren's program of classes is great - varied, challenging and good fun. Lauren is an encouraging and inspiring trainer, she makes classes fun and has created a lovely community of like-minded women who love to work out." - Chelsea

"If you want to join a fun, supportive and encouraging team full of amazing humans then epic Heath and fitness is the place for you..
Loz is a fantastic trainer and her training sessions are amazing.

I used to hate exercise and now I love it. I'm achieving goals I never thought would be possible and I would like to thank everyone in the epic team for your ongoing support!!
I wouldn't go anywhere else" - Ash

"I do have to say I love this place and also shit myself every Monday and Wednesday night because I know loz is going to work my arse off every time I go!! a good fitness is better then none. Thanks for everything loz" - Kylie

"I started Loz's classes 8 weeks after having bub no#2 and I was a very nervous because I was pretty unfit.. Loz was amazing made me feel like I could climb mountains or let me know it was perfectly ok if I couldn't. Thanks for my timeout Loz and for making me 'nicer' to my husband!!" - Jodie

"If you are after a friendly and supportive experience, you HAVE to join Epic Health & Fitness......Loz will still kick your butt, but is so motivating that you just keep decision I ever made!" - Megan

"Great trainer Great people Great workout
Lauren changes it up so it's never boring or the same as last week.
Love it♥️  Thx for helping get me where I want to be" - Kylie

"When the warm up is like its own training session you know you are onto a good thing!!! Loz is organised and very professional and gets you to do things that give you the good hurt the next day." - Elizabeth

"Lauren is an amazing trainer, full of encouragement and motivation. The sessions are fun and always changing. Lauren makes fitness fun." - Rachel

"No session is ever the same! Lauren incorporates variety, fun and an all over body workout in every class! 5 stars" - Kara :)

"Fun and enjoyable! Has changed my views on group training dramatically in a positive way! So worth it, Thanks Loz!" - Grace

"Epic Fitness is seriously the best form of fitness around this area. I've only been going for a few months now and not only have I lost 4 kilos but I have also lost inches around my waist and arms. It feels really good to be able to fit in old clothing that was once too small. Loz does an awesome job with the classes and not once have we done something twice. I can actually say I enjoy bootcamp" - Lizzie

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